the sweetest gift.

You might remember a post that I made a while ago about a lovely old blue typewriter that I absolutely fell in love with at a Sunday market here in Oslo. I was able to borrow it from photographer André Skjegstad, and when I returned it I promised myself that I would look all over for one just like it.

I searched all over…. and seasons came and went.

Recently I joined my colleague and friend Trine Thorsen for a dinner at her beautiful old home outside of Oslo that she is tirelessly in the middle of refinishing. Out of nowhere Trine left the room, and when she returned, my eyes were wide with shock!
Trine had found a typewriter just like the one we had used the summer before… and she and Susanne Swegen had bought it for me as a gift! I was astounded. It truly was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have received.

I am so thankful to my good friends, and so very much in love with my new typewriter. I have been using it instead of my printer - writing recipes and shopping lists and notes…. It makes the most beautiful sound, and stamps the most fantastic text.

Styling: Tara Ballantyne
Photography: Trine Thorsen

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  1. i love this! the thoughtfulness and the fact that you're using it (i heart the sound old typewriters make also!) happy Christmas season my friend!


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