July Recipe.

And what is better than a cookie you ask….?
Two cookies sandwiched together with hazelnut cream - that's what.

I was fortunate to be able to team up with Norwegian based photographer Birgit Fauske on a collection of cookie recipes that was published last fall in Interiør Magasinet, a Norwegian home and interiors magazine.
...I am also fortunate to have a fantastic Mother-Grandmother team who have shared their recipes with me (with lots of patience for a sticky fingered girl who always made a complete mess of the kitchen! Thanks Mom!)
If you feel like a little weekend baking - here's one of the recipes and the directions how!

Chocolate Dusted Hazelnut Cookie Sandwiches.

Notes: These cookies bake up beautifully on their own, and can be served with tea or enjoyed with your favorite spreads. To make sandwich cookies, use a good quality hazelnut spread and dust with organic coco powder. Be sure to flatten cookies with a wet spoon before baking as these biscuits will rise into soft peaks if left alone. Remember that the dough for this recipe will need to chill for 2 hours before baking.

You will need:

3 large organic eggs

170 ml corn oil

385 g flour

200 g granulated sugar

15 g (3 tsp.) baking powder

5 ml (1 tsp.) best quality vanilla

1-500g container of Nutella or best quality hazelnut spread

Chopped hazelnuts and organic free trade cocoa powder for dusting


Blend together eggs, oil and sugar. To this mixture add in 250 g of flour and combine.

Continue mixing batter, and spoon in remaining flour.

When dough is formed add baking powder and vanilla and combine. Cover dough and chill for 2 hours.

Shape dough into balls and place on cookie sheet. Flatten with a spoon dipped in warm water to achieve uniform round shapes that are flat on top.

Bake for 15-20 minutes in a 175 degree oven.

When cookies are cooled completely, spread with Nutella and press together to form sandwiches.

Makes 2 dozen medium sized cookies or 1 dozen sandwiches.

Food and styling : Tara Ballantyne
Photography: Birgit Fauske



Ferm-Living out of Copenhagen Denmark produces really great and fun products. I just purchased their cork coaster for a replacement to my dingy pot holders and couldn't be happier to throw the old ones away.
Even better, Ferm-Living feature the work of young danish designer Trine Andersen who is well known for her wallpaper and decal designs. I am particularly inspired by her imaginative designs for wall art that push forward and way outside the box…
On my wish list is their wooden animal parts and a tape deck wall decal… perfect as a graphic and bold replacement for artwork.
(images via ferm-living)


Nifty Netherlands.

Here is the wonderful styling and ceramic work by Lenneke Wispelwey of the Netherlands.
She mixes such interesting shapes and colours, and plays with texture and shine.
I think that her forms are amazing, and her imagination is wonderful!
Plus... who doesn't love cupcakes, colour and gold?

(images via lenneke wispelwey)


I'm liking Imm Living.

measuring spoons
coin bank

Imm Living is a Toronto based company that offers a collection of hand picked items from designers all around the world. With a focus on pop culture, fresh ideas, and a playful approach to housewares, this webshop is definitely worth a look.

I love the overall shop and web concept…
Absolutely my next housewarming gift!
(images via imm living)


Viva Las Vegas.

I am off to Las Vegas for bright lights, great friends, and some big inspiration!
If only Frank Sinatra were on stage...
(image via flickr)
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