up-cycle it.

I am so happy to know the top-sanded captains chair from environment is coming to Canada.
Environmentally sensitive, one of a kind, and so graphic!

This limited edition up-cycled classic university chair would definitely be a welcomed addition to the end of my dining table….
Available at Stony Lake Furniture Co. in Lakefield, Ontario.

Yes please!
(images via environment)


i'm sorry.

So, it is with many and great apologies that I write this new blog post.
You see, I have been so amazingly busy this past month with a big move from Scandinavia to Canada.
In October I packed up all of my belongings, life, and warm memories and flew them across the ocean. I have been so sad to have left my friends, colleagues and home, that it has been a bit tough to get excited about blogging...

That being said,
I have hopped into new work, and a huge main floor renovation.
Missing Oslo so dearly and re-designing a living space, this week I have placed an order for a new sofa blanket from Norwegian design studio Funkle.
They have just come out with a great new line of wool throws and cotton cushions that are beautiful, soft and graphic.

Thanks for understanding, and following of course!
Back in the swing of things,
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