This summer I was on a trip to Las Vegas,
and although flash bulbs and bright lights were calling my name... I found myself in a wonderful place without champagne - Marni.
As usual, the ready-to-wear fall collection stole my heart, and the arrangement of colours was my greatest love. Consuelo Castiglioni has again managed to uniquely combine and layer beautiful textiles into truly artistic collection.
….and I am nothing short of inspired….
(images via marni)


literary genius.

I love the iPad.
…but sometimes my lack of knowledge regarding high tech gadgets becomes a bit upsetting (feels a bit like using dial up internet….when really it should make my life so simple).

So thats why I was fascinated when I realized that I could just use my old fashioned book as a substitution to the newest mac accessory.
Check out this adjustable book necklace available at oggabooga out of California.
… and feel free to kick it old school.
(image via oggaboogastore)


Ineke Hans.

server set
coffee pots
long bottle
neo country collection

Ineke Hans is a designer out of Holland who has mastered many forms of 3d production and design. Previous to opening her studio 'InekeHans/Arnhem', she was well known for her designs produced for the company Habitat UK. (If you haven't checked them out yet you should!)
I appreciate so much that form and function are both highly considered in all of Ineke's designs, and that many methods of production are used to create her final product. I am very inspired by her ability to create such a large variety of well thought out pieces.
(special thanks to inekehans for all images)

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