SodaStream Source.

                                                                                         images via SodaStream

Ok, so here is the newest kitchen accessory that I am beyond excited about: the new SodaStream Source designed by award-winning California-based Swiss designer Yves Béhar.

Not only is the Source something that makes soda water from tap water in 60 seconds and looks chic in my kitchen (unlike the hoards of kitchen appliances I find myself frantically shoving into drawers before my guests arrive), the Source proves that sustainability and great design can exist beautifully together.  

 Revealed at the 2012 Milan International Design Fair, the Source, Yves Béhar's new streamlined version of the original SodaStream machine boasts reusable bottles that can prevent the average family from wasting up to 550 plastic water bottles in a year. 
Beautiful and conscious.

Perfect for the environmentally conscious foodie, and anyone who detests lugging cases of water around from the grocery store and desperately wants to reclaim the pantry square footage usually reserved said case.

And, as if it could get better, the Source offers a choice of three levels of carbonation (with graphic water droplets to display levels - amazing) and over 60 soda flavours you can add to your water to create your own sodas.  
Look out big soda companies. 

Refined design with environmental sensibility -simply refreshing!

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