Sunday market find.

Today I spent a lazy sunday in the park at a flea market in Oslo searching for props and drinking coffee. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, the most fantastic blue typewriter.
Then, I was quickly heartbroken as a couple decided to buy the typewriter.

after their purchase, the fantastic couple kindly approached me and were graciously willing to lend me the typewriter me next week.
I am thrilled!

I then learned that André Skjegstad (of the blue typewriter) not only has a great eye at the flea market, but is a photographer working in Oslo and takes beautiful photos… and his fantastic misses, Sylvia, is a stunning fashion model.
His work is lovely, and the tones and colours and light are fantastic.
You can find some more of Andres work and Sylvia's modelling on his website andreart.no,
...and a link to his blog too!
What a Sunday!
(images via andreart)


Here comes the sun?

Vogue, January 1963

Wishing and wishing that the rain will stay away for just one more day!
Off to the beach tomorrow for a photo shoot… and all is set now except for the weather! My wellies are by the door, but I plan only to bring them - not to wear them!
Perhaps if I am lucky all that I will need with me is a sun parasol….?

(image via my vintage vogue)


Beautiful Basics - Part One!

I have been thinking about how the hallmark of a great wardrobe is good quality basic pieces that last for years. Ok, so why not apply the same principal to your home, and where can I find these wonderful things?

I am now on the hunt for great quality basics and will periodically post them as I go along.
Hope you enjoy!
Labour and Wait is a shop in the East End of London that sells beautiful basic products for kitchen, home and garden. All items sold at the shop and by mail order are simple and timeless - a really cool mix of new and vintage items.
If you are ever in the market district be sure to go and check them out!

(images via Labour and Wait)


My new old love...

I have recently been thinking about an old kitchen table and dining area with shaker chairs. I would like to mix the simple forms with some beautiful rough wood and rustic pottery (and also a wonderful old home in the country with a big garden and a cherry tree would be perfect).
The idea of returning to handcrafted and traditionally made items with a new twist is so fantastic and exciting!
I think that I will try out my new recipe for sesame seed and spelt bread this weekend!

(images via VT Wonen)


Sleep Well…

In the past year I have been fortunate enough to collaborate on an editorial photo shoot with two of my talented colleges, stylist Susanne Swegen and photographer Sturla Bakken.

The story was centered around a shared children's bedroom, and was published in Interiør Magasinet, a Norwegian Interior magazine.
It was a very fun day of styling and shooting and kidding around…

You can see more of Susanne's styling and Sturla's photography on their websites!
Check them out here:

Styling : Tara Ballantyne and Susanne Swegen
Photography: Sturla Bakken
Photography Assistants: Birgit Fauske and Annette Ørvelid


And Sweden celebrates.

These images are from the new campaign for Ikea featuring the work of stylist Lo Bjurulf. They, and six other table settings were created in anticipation of the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria who got married today in Sweden in a magical wedding celebration complete with every detail fit for a princess.

The princess looked beautiful in a simple off the shoulder gown as she married her former fitness trainer a 'commoner'. Way to go Princess Victoria!
(images via Ikea)

Loretta Lux.

"At the window"
"Boy in Yellow Pullover"

These photographs are the work of Loretta Lux, German photographer.
She has many beautiful images with wonderful colours and proportion. So much impact and feeling, yet so simple and clean.
(images via loretta lux)



I am very interested and excited about Dutch design!
Studio Ina-Matt is a firm from the Netherlands who create everything from retail and residential environments - to products and identity concepts.
A few months ago I learned about their interior work and was particularly taken by the designs they have created in old barn structures. In fact, ever since visiting their website I have been dreaming of an old barn to renovate...
Oh, and a trip to the Netherlands!
(images via interiordevine)

So pretty it hurts.

This is the work of Auckland based fashion designer Juliette Hogan from her "so pretty it hurts" collection (winter 2010).
What I really love is that she mixes femininity and modernism in such a clean way. Her pieces are so beautifully tailored but still remain very simple and easy.
I would love to take some inspiration from this design philosophy (and two of her jackets) with me on my merry way!

(images via juliettehogan.com)


Lovely day, lovely bag.

...and my lovely friend Lisa.

I most certainly am looking forward to a day a the beach and can't wait to walk around in beautiful spring shoes. Off with the boots - and in with the beautiful flats and wedges that have been hiding all winter.
While searching for summer I found this beautiful image and handbag from the Kate Spade collection. I admire her as a designer for how she does simple and colourful and graphic… but most of all I love her pieces best when they give a little nod to the 1950's.

Perhaps tomorrow will be warm enough for a dress and a straw basket filled with flowers and a pic-nic in the park…
Now all thats missing is my little yellow car and a pinwheel!

(images via refinery29 and geekhandbags)

Gone to the Mountains.

This week I have gone to the mountains in the north of Norway to work.
The sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. It is my last chance to breath in the crisp winter air before the snow melts...
I love the spring!


Re-discovering roots.

This chair was handcrafted out of recycled materials by the small design studio bookhou in Toronto.
Most of the designs produced are one of a kind, and are created using recycled furniture pieces.
Functional, beautiful, kind to the earth… and Canadian!

(images via bookhou)
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