Lovely day, lovely bag.

...and my lovely friend Lisa.

I most certainly am looking forward to a day a the beach and can't wait to walk around in beautiful spring shoes. Off with the boots - and in with the beautiful flats and wedges that have been hiding all winter.
While searching for summer I found this beautiful image and handbag from the Kate Spade collection. I admire her as a designer for how she does simple and colourful and graphic… but most of all I love her pieces best when they give a little nod to the 1950's.

Perhaps tomorrow will be warm enough for a dress and a straw basket filled with flowers and a pic-nic in the park…
Now all thats missing is my little yellow car and a pinwheel!

(images via refinery29 and geekhandbags)

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  1. i LOVE these images my dear! a true inspiration for my photography...thanks for digging them up! :) i am thinking i have a new blog to visit for my daily image inspiration! missing you my dear!


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