Sunday market find.

Today I spent a lazy sunday in the park at a flea market in Oslo searching for props and drinking coffee. When what to my wondering eyes did appear, the most fantastic blue typewriter.
Then, I was quickly heartbroken as a couple decided to buy the typewriter.

after their purchase, the fantastic couple kindly approached me and were graciously willing to lend me the typewriter me next week.
I am thrilled!

I then learned that AndrĂ© Skjegstad (of the blue typewriter) not only has a great eye at the flea market, but is a photographer working in Oslo and takes beautiful photos… and his fantastic misses, Sylvia, is a stunning fashion model.
His work is lovely, and the tones and colours and light are fantastic.
You can find some more of Andres work and Sylvia's modelling on his website andreart.no,
...and a link to his blog too!
What a Sunday!
(images via andreart)

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