Nifty Netherlands.

Here is the wonderful styling and ceramic work by Lenneke Wispelwey of the Netherlands.
She mixes such interesting shapes and colours, and plays with texture and shine.
I think that her forms are amazing, and her imagination is wonderful!
Plus... who doesn't love cupcakes, colour and gold?

(images via lenneke wispelwey)


  1. I love it Tara! your blog is beautiful all over. You seem to have a great eye for lovely things, I must say. I`m Siljes friend btw who you met at the faboulus "Elle" party ;)Check out my blog if you like.

    Have a great summer! (and we`ll probably meet again) cheers

  2. After scanning through your blog for the first time I must say I love all your posts! True inspiration and great taste.
    I am now a follower ;)


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