christmas cakes.

Here's a preview of a story on white Christmas Cakes and Cookies from this months issue of Norwegian magazine Maison Mat & Vin.
I had a great time shooting with photographer Trine Thorsen this past year, and had the opportunity to share some of my favourite recipes!

Styling : Tara Ballantyne
Photography: Trine Thorsen


  1. Mi piace il tuo blog! E mi piace il bianco! :D

  2. Beautiful, Tara! I'm heading to Denmark next week, so if I see one of these magazines I will surely pick it up. Have you had a chance to visit Koppenhagen or Malmo? If you have any tips on where to go or what to do, please let me know. I'm interested in anything design and food.

  3. HI Cherie.
    How exciting to go to Copenhagen!
    I would suggest to have a coffee at the Royal Cafe (hidden beside Illums Bolighus - which is also wonderful to visit for scandinavian design..) on Amagertov 6.
    A visit to the Royal Copenhagen shop, and the Norman Copenhagen flagship store.
    Typical Danish smørbrød and snapps and a walk down Nyhavn (the water is beautiful, and I am sure that the cafes are still open in the winter…
    Shopping for clothing at COS. And check out brands Designers Remix and Rützou.
    And swing by Rue Vert Plus shop.
    If you are into a little trip, you could go up to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art!
    And perhaps to go on a boat trip down the river.
    Have a wonderful time!

  4. Thank you so much, Tara! Can't wait to be there!!

  5. Lovely pictures! :-)


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