Villa Malla.

Foto: Joacim Jørgensen

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling and working with talented stylist Susanne Swegen out on location. We drove out to a lovely old lighthouse property that has been refurbished into a beach and restaurant - Villa Malla. It is located on the Hurum peninsula near the Oslo Fjord, one hour outside of Oslo by car and 30 -40 minutes by boat.

This week we will return again to get a 'summer feeling' even if it is nearing below 0 degrees outside….
Perhaps we will bring our winter hats and enjoy a cold drink on the beach beneath the palm trees… but more likely it will be a warm Chai tea by the open fire place in the dining room.
Wonderful either way!
(photos via dagsavisen, heli wing)


  1. I can´t wait to see what you created at Villa Malla. It´s already such a wonderful place, with it´s high ceilings, beautiful light, view and off course food.
    I´m sure the result will be inspiring.
    Lena, Konfettiform.

  2. i want images of you bundled up with your beverage on the beach :) and of course to see what you're working on as well...but mostly funny beach pics for me! :) miss you!

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  4. If you do, pls.come and visit! I live only five minutes away... Or even better, call me and I´ll be over in a flash.


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