fall work.

I have been working away at a good friends ceramic studio, spending time with tea, wonderful music and great conversation. I will be showing some new deigns at the Julemarked here in Oslo this December, and thought I would share some of the things that I am working on….

So as the fall settles in, you will find me in my spare time sitting with fabrics and beads and supplies that I have been collecting on trips all over the globe... and my good friend Silje will stand and pour moulds and mix porcelain and fire a wonderful array of beautifully crafted ceramics.
Best part is… there is a band that rehearses on the floor below, so we have live entertainment as well!

Should you want to have a look at Silje's work before the market, you can do so by clicking and looking here.

Photography: Annette Ørvelid


  1. So, so pretty Tara. I love the nautical details on the first and the delicateness of the second. Congratulations on making something so lovely. I think the Julemarked will be lucky to have you.

  2. gorgeous. you are SO talented.


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