advertising in real time.

Have a close look at this advertisement for Adobe Photoshop, and you will discover an incredible amount of details sure to make you smile. Cardboard, acrylic paints, and a file cabinet in the top left hand corner have been used to re-create a wonderful replica of the computer program.
Credits go to Bates 141 Jakarta, development by Hendra Lesmono, and Software-asli.com for the commission.
I love it!
(image via swissmiss)


  1. Hi sweety. Nice to finally meet you. You did a fab job decorating HM. I hope you all are having a great time working these days. We´ll get togheter when you are back in town.

  2. Glad I found you..
    Like you style..and will absolutly come back here..
    Have a lovely day:)

  3. Pleasant to have found your blog today via decor8. Great work!
    x Iris


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