mikkeller bar.

Mikkeller was begun in 2007, and has been awarded Danish brewery of the year twice.
The Mikkeller Bar in Denmark is located in the heart of Vesterbro, Copenhagen…

Instead of opting for a dingy dark bar for their cold brewed beer, behold specialized bottle selection, famous beer from around the world on tap ….and the perfect mix of white, green, black clean lines and fantastic playfulness.
All interior and graphic design has been completed by skilled design agency Femmes Regionales based in Denmark, who have a whimsical and fantastic approach to all of their designs.
Lighting design and photography was completed by Lars Engelgaar.
I absolutely love it!

More information…..
Photography and lighting: Larsengelgaar.com
Interior Design: Femmes Regionales
Great Danish Beer: Mikkeller


  1. Jeg elsker Femmes Regionales og Mikeller. Perfect Match!

  2. Hei!
    Jeg har gitt deg en award!
    Se http://lykkefunn.blogspot.com/
    ha en fin dag!


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