Because Coco loved to ride a bike.


Lately my head has been swirling with dreams of an old bike with a worn out leather seat and a basket for flowers, a loaf of bread, or even my dog should she be able to sit still…
So this month I have been searching high and low for the perfect bicycle. I have been admiring all of the lovely girls in their fall dress who so gracefully pedal down the street on their danish designed beauties. My search began in the paper, but then ended up on line...
I was astonished at what I found. I had no idea just how chic cycling could be.
Not so much exactly what I was prepared to find, but I say: ' Ride on fashionistas!'


  1. i am in love with the one from urban outfitters.....beyond cute and the color combo is killer. seriously, killer ;)

  2. Just wanted to stop by to say hello and thank you so much for adding my blog to your link list. Your blog is gorgeous and I will certainly be visiting again.
    xox Ez

  3. I love that urban outfitters one - is that the one where you can choose your colours? Love that!

    I just found your lovely blog and look forward to reading more!
    Happy weekend to you!
    :) Christine


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